Decision-making with the Bees

Bees make crucial decisions by leveraging their numbers. When it’s time to relocate in the spring, hundreds of scouts go off to look for good real estate. The scouts come back to report their findings using a funky little swagger of a dance. The quality of the site is judged by the enthusiasm of the dance. Based on the enthusiasm, others will go check out the top sites in contention. Repeat the swagger dance. And then even more go. Swagger. A bee only dances when seeing it first hand. The site that first reaches a critical majority of bees dancing like 22 year old MJ, wins.

What do we learn? Business leaders making a crucial decision ought to get many options on the table, but then take their time making a conclusion. You don’t want to fall in love with a new idea before it has been proven objectively. We all love a good story, but we’d better verify it.

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