Data Center



Constantly evolving business needs, advancements in virtualization and cloud computing technology, increasing density demands, limited space, and expectations to lower operating expenses are causing constant disruptions in the data center, server room, or network closet no matter the size.

Today’s data center environment requires a solution that’s designed to be better. It must be adaptable and easily scalable for the future. The solution should install efficiently and correctly the first time, so there is no delay or additional cost to a project. It is essential that all the elements of the data center work together seamlessly and efficiently, beyond the physical infrastructure. C&C technology Group’s approach is aligned with critical data center trends, including:

  • Meeting the demands for a data center that is highly virtualized, big data-driven, fast and flexible, and supports the needs of a mobile workforce
  • Meeting the budget demands by simplifying and reducing the time and resources required for the initial data center build 
  • Supporting faster deployment of new devices and technology in the data center and implementing moves/adds/changes more quickly


Our manufacturers offer complete end to end solutions, with a range of connectivity, physical infrastructure, cable management, pathways and power and cooling solutions for the data center to maximize network performance, energy efficiency and capacity for today and tomorrow’s demands. These manufacturers stand as leaders in network infrastructure solutions, with products designed to support data center, commercial buildings or audio/video applications, connectivity products that meet industry standards and racks and cabinets that can be manufactured globally.

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